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Our Promise…

To value QUALITY because less needs to last you longer. 

To search for multi-FUNCTIONAL pieces to get you through multiple events and stages. 

To pick pieces that can (and will) stay in your closet LONG after pregnancy.

And, well, STYLE is a must. 


Nursing / Breastfeeding

From both a function and fashion standpoint, we carry clothes that help you feel comfortable nursing in any situation, from hanging out with friends to attending a formal event. You no longer have to worry about exposing all (or getting cold) to nurse your little one!

We carry:


Women's Clothing

Little by little I have been expanding our shop to include key pieces for ALL women. Okay, so it may be true that I brought in LEVI's Jeans for all those moms that out of pregnancy pants but in desperate need of good, solid, comfortable jeans! Let me tell you, they have been flying off the shelves to women of ALL ages because they are flattering, comfortable and well made. This has pushed me to consider other great pieces that can live in all our closets regardless of baby bellies.

And so the journey begins. As I find other key pieces or brands that uphold Our Promise you may just see them in store too!