Each pregnancy really is its own.

My first 2 pregnancies were a dream. I LOVED everything. Sprinkled with a bit of fatigue and rare moments of nausea (that all ended once I hit 12 weeks) it was enjoyable. During my second trimester I felt like I could run a marathon, though don’t get me wrong I definitely didn’t! However, I was able to remain active. I spent my days walking and attending prenatal yoga classes. I had never felt better.

Three pregnancies... each one unique!

Three pregnancies... each one unique!

Fast forward to the present moment and things couldn’t be more different. I am 21 weeks pregnant with our 3rd, and while I am very excited to meet this baby—I do not love being pregnant. Yes I said it. I am a birth doula and a prenatal yoga instructor and I feel like I can finally relate to the women who walk into my classes. Trying to do everything we can to embrace the moment. You know... "Enjoy the joy of pregnancy" that everyone talks about. Secretly I'm wondering why it is so difficult this time around.

Why are the baby kicks and the beautiful round belly the fleeting moments of joy this time around? Why is the nausea constant? Why is the roller coaster of emotions and extreme fatigue not going away? The only wisdom that I come to, is that each pregnancy is its own. Not very profound, I know.

But, while I plug along for the next 20 weeks, all do know that I will find support from the strength of the women around me. I will seek out opportunities to be around them more. I will wonder who this little baby is going to be and hopefully, kind of.... enjoy the ride.

-- Jennifer