The Hunt for Perfect Leggings

by Amanda Johnston

Leggings are a wardrobe staple, whether you are pregnant, nursing or, well… neither. Who doesn’t love the comfort, ease and style leggings provide?!  But here’s the thing - finding leggings that hug you in all the right places, survives the washing machine without pilling (AND passes the bend test) sometimes feels impossible.

So here is my list of MUST HAVES for a perfect pair of leggings:

  1. Slim fitting / Skinny leg
  2. Thickness (i.e. NOT see through)
  3. High(er) wasted
  4. Long (I am tall, length has to be there!)
  5. Quality & Durability (colour that doesn't fade / material that doesn't pill after washing)

Given my preamble about what I look for in the perfect legging, imagine my surprise when I tried on Ripe’s Ponte Legging and it offered me everything I was looking for. These leggings hugged my hips perfectly AND it passed the bend over test. They are way thicker than any legging I’ve tried on for years and this feels great. So far, so good. Next up - price check. So how much do these ‘perfect’ leggings cost?  At Hazelnut & Rose they are $105.00.  Not crazy considering I don’t want to take them off and that I can totally see myself wearing them casually (i.e. Saturdays), to work, and for date night. The thing I loved most was comfort and the thickness of Ponte leggings. I can also tell that the quality of these leggings is what is going to make them last, washing machine included.

As I was contemplating these leggings in the change room, here are the three ways I thought I’d most likely wear them:

Casually –

The obvious, but ‘never fail’ look. I love pairing my leggings with a workout top, or one of my casual shirts. Remember longer tops are key! Easy and comfortable look to run errands, go to park, and lay around the house. These leggings get a double check for this look! { FYI: I LOVE Queen Mum’s t-shirts. Comfort level is out of this world! }


Night Out / Date Night –

The leggings transition easily to a classy clean line pant for those date nights and girls night outs. I love the slimness. It makes me look curvy in all the right places! They aren’t too tight or loose, the perfect fit. Leggings also go with most shoe choices, whether it’s a flat, boot or a heel. So you can easily add a pair of boots to complete the date night look.




Work –

The slim, tight fit allows for the perfect pairing with blouses, cardigans and your classic tunic tops. This is your time to wear bright, fun patterns and colours! The best thing about this look is that you can go to work looking clean, professional and be super comfortable.

All in all, these leggings are a great investment for any wardrobe… pregnant or not ;) Happy Shopping.

Next up….

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