The Importance of Nursing Wear

Pregnancy is a time where our bodies are changing... quickly. It is exciting and difficult all at the same time. No other period in our lives (that we remember) do we grow out of our clothes so rapidly - often making it difficult for our minds to keep up with our bodies. But our culture has, for the most part helped us through this transition and we know that maternity clothes are there for us.

But this isn't about maternity clothes. This post is inspired by a customer who visited the store and was seeking something, anything to make nursing her baby a little easier. We had a number of fun, funny and great conversations and she left the store saying this:

"I completely underestimated the importance of proper nursing clothes".

Feeling comfortable at last!

Feeling comfortable at last!

During her first visit she didn't buy the store out, but she did decide on a comfortable, supportive nursing bra, two tank tops and an Undercover Mama tank that she could use to layer. Later she came back in search of a dress. YES, a dress! that she could wear to a few upcoming weddings and nurse in.

Nursing clothes are still just making themselves known. From my perspective, there is nothing better than to literally see the confidence and ease that it gives back to mothers who are trying to juggle so much. Comfort to breastfeed your baby runs on a large continuum.... it isn't about being told what you need to do, but rather finding out what works best for you. It may be investing in carefully designed clothing that allows you to cover your back and middle, it may be knowing a few tricks for how to cover up while nursing, or you may just fall into it easily with no discomfort or limitations.

Nursing can be easy, trial-by-error and sometimes just down right hard. There are lots of understanding supportive individuals right here in our community to help you through this. Don't feel alone - you are not. And if you are feeling like Amanda, just know that there are options and solutions out there if you are willing to seek them out.

Happy Nursing!