Earn Hazelnut & Rose CASH!

Aside from all the "this is what you SHOULD do" and the "just do it this way"... there is a lot to be gained from listening to what has worked for other mothers. Let's face it, the journey into motherhood is not always easy.

Hazelnut & Rose wants to hear YOUR real stories and real struggles. We want to share your tips and tricks for feeling better; on how you got through that "rough patch" and definitely how you found the support that you needed. The goal here is to share a little piece of your journey.

The CUSTOMER BLOG PROGRAM wants to reward you for opening up and sharing. We are requesting a BLOG, but don't be intimidated by the word... we are really asking for a short story (AKA a long-winded comment)! I see these all the time in personal feeds, so if you feel brave enough to share, send it along with a photo and be REWARDED!