Hazelnut & Rose - A Birth Story 


(As told by Hazel Shaw, 3 yrs)

Hi, I’m Hazel. The story really goes back three years or so. Mom (friends know her as Genny) was pregnant with me and she had a hard time finding clothing that made her feel good. Like most moms, she made do. In conversations with other pregnant and nursing friends, she heard a similar story. It seemed like there was a real lack of options out there in the Halifax area.

After I came along, Mom found her body in an ‘interesting state of transition’ (that’s how she put it). She wanted to keep exercising, stay social, and at the same time she wanted to nurse me. It wasn’t until after my little sister Rosalie was born (a year and a half later) that she discovered what a nursing undershirt was. Like I said, she made do.

Cut to December, 2013. Mom was out on a coffee date with a good friend when the idea for the shop was conceived. After dreaming and doing a whole bunch of research, Mom realized that she just had to go for it. She found many awesome brands and innovative stuff that she knew local women would be surprised by (and love). Trust me, she was excited. And she still is. 9 months later, she’s about to open up her dream shop in the heart of downtown Dartmouth.

You might be wondering what Mom plans to carry in her shop. In her words, there will be jeans “that look good and don’t fall down, bras that you can and want to wear 24/7, yoga wear that fits right and feels amazing (ya bamboo!), stunning dresses for your soirees, and beautiful clothing that shows off your belly and hides those other changes.” And that’s not all… but you’ll have to pop by to see what other surprises she has in store.

And here is where our story begins the big chapter. On behalf of my bold Mom, my sweet little sister, and my rad Dad, I would like to welcome you to the world of Hazelnut & Rose, a boutique offering clothing essentials for moms and moms to be. Bring your own moms and dads, brothers and sisters, friends, babies, kids - our community boutique is wide open and ready to leave a lasting impression.

See you on the swings,
Hazel Shaw